Current Social Problems

This course provides an introduction to sociological thought by examining contemporary social problems, including economic, racial, and gender inequality. The course takes a social movements perspective to show how groups mobilize collectively to draw attention to and address social problems. We will learn to think critically about how social problems develop, persist, and change by applying sociological theory and methods.

Technology in Society & Culture

The goal of this course is to critically examine the role of technology in modern society. We often think of technology as material objects that exist independently of humans. By contrast, a social science approach takes as its central premise that technological artifacts are inextricably bound up in social relations. This course explores the practices and relations that create and sustain technology, as well as the social, cultural, and political consequences of these systems. We discuss the relationship between technology and a number of different areas of social life, including the environment, inequality, medicine, and work.

Sociology of Agriculture & Rural Society

This course examines the changing conditions in rural America, focused on what makes rural areas structurally, culturally, and politically distinct. We pay particular attention to economic conditions and transformations in agriculture. Other topics include biotechnology, extractive industries, environmental issues, and inequality.